On 4minute’s “Crazy” (미쳐)

When I think about 4minute, I think about a tough sexiness. But as they started to go down the bubblegum pop road, I began to think this day would never come. Surely you know what I’m talking about. The day 4minute finally went back to the concept that got them so popular- tough, confident, and sexy. A concept that exudes sex appeal in a way that involves an adequate amount of clothing and doesn’t involve groping or indecent exposure of any kind.

It’s safe to say that I’m satisfied- no, ecstatic.

This concept and song allowed more members to shine, so it wasn’t Hyuna and her back-up dancers. (Except Jihyun- she might as well have a been a backup dancer with the amount of screen time she got.) No, this was a powerful girl group that went back to its roots to engage the fanbase it has.

Let’s start with the song. Plagiarism controversy aside, it was impactful. (I’ll admit, 4minute’s “Crazy” sounds extremely similar to “Boss Mode” by Knife Party to the point where it surpasses sampling. But then again, CL’s “Mental Breakdown” was so similar to DJ Snakehead and Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down for What,” and no one was up in arms over that). Not their best, in my opinion (“Huh” takes the cake) but still pretty awesome. The song really gave the girls a much more adult-focused, mature sound. It had a distinct EDM base mixed with elements of hip-hop, with a beat that gets you dancing. The places where the beat dropped were epic- and coupled with Jiyoon’s rap, were extremely catchy. Plus, Hyuna seems to have improved on her rapping- in this song, she doesn’t sound squeaky. Maybe a little whiny, but that seems to be the way she raps, and it’s easy to get used to. The only part that left me feeling awkward was the bridge, when Jihyun sang. It was very staccato and plain, and made me feel like she actually got worse at singing. Her part didn’t do anything for her; and the fact that she only sang in one spot in the song, and that she was almost always at the back during the dance, really made her out to be more of an accessory than an actual 4minute member. 4nias, don’t murder me.

The song was epic, and the so was the music video. The black-and-white concept was appealing; the monochromatic color scheme really stripped all the embellishments down and let the viewer focus on what was really important- the song, the dance, and the girls. The only part I felt uncomfortable watching was Jihyun’s solo. I don’t know why, but that scene made me cringe a little. I feel like this is turning into a piece where I point out Jihyun’s flaws, but that’s really not the case. She just seemed to lack that toughness that the other girls exuded. Jihyun seemed possess a certain grace that didn’t fulfill the grittiness needed for this concept. I feel like this is turning into me pointing out Jihyun’s flaws, and I don’t want it to be like that because I think she’s beautiful, so I’ll conclude with this: this comeback didn’t do much for Jihyun in terms of performing, but she looked amazing (I particularly loved the outfit with the black top and acid washed jeans).

Overall, this comeback was AMAZING. Notice the caps lock. 4minute really made up for their past few comebacks (which weren’t so great) and I just hope that they keep going with this style. Love it!

Watch 4minute’s “Crazy” MV here!