EXO “Overdose” Album Review

Exo "Overdose"

Finally, one of my favorite groups in the K-pop industry, Exo, is back with their new mini-album, “Overdose”!

The album begins with Exo’s title track, “Overdose.” Composed of a heavy drum line and an electronic-slash-R&B sound, the song is much catchier than  “Wolf,” which had similar attributes. This song really emanates pure energy, and the continuous clapping in the background adds to that. Singing about how they have overdosed on a woman’s love, the Exo members skillfully merge voices in the chorus, creating an irresistible harmony that is intensified by the synths in the pre-chorus. It’s safe to say that I loved this song. It all flowed very well, without any awkward areas. Even the bridge, usually the most out-of-place part of any song, in my opinion, suited the track. In fact, the bridge was my favorite part, what with the tough, masculine rap.

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“Moonlight” takes on aspects of classic R&B, soft rock, and ballads. The guitar in the background, as well as the heavy bass drum give the song life and make it more modern. The track, rather than showing off the individual vocals of the members, is more unified, with the members of Exo singing softly. This added diversity to the album, which I really appreciated.

If “Moonlight” is soft and emotional, “Thunder” is its sultry, sexy counterpart. This song could be “My Lady”‘s (from Exo’s XOXO album) continuation, combining aspects from soft rock to create a pleasing melody in a minor key. It is more toned down in its sultriness than “My Lady” was, carrying more of a sad undertone. I loved this song, and it was another one of my favorites on the album.

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“Run” is a medley of pop and rock, but sticks to a heavy guitar line for the most part. This was by no means my favorite song on the album, but it was definitely a style of music that I enjoyed hearing from Exo. It was more upbeat than the previous tracks, and also brought diversity to the album.

“Love Love Love” took me the longest to get used to, but after a few listens I quite liked it. It starts out with a disjointed melody of synths, which I have never heard anywhere (and I listen to quite a lot of music). The chorus showcases the wide vocal ranges of the Exo members, as the disjointed melody interjects occasionally, but not in a way to make the song sound choppy.

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The “Overdose” album incorporated a mixture of R&B and electronic very often, but in a way that still provided variety. Although this was not my favorite album from Exo, (XOXO: Repackaged takes the cake for me) I really enjoyed listening to it. It scores a 9.3/10.

Be sure to buy the album and check out the music videos for “Overdose” below!