Girls’ Generation (SNSD) “Mr. Mr.” Album Review

SNSD "Mr. Mr."

After a year Girls’ Generation, at the top of the K-pop wave, is back with their new mini-album “Mr. Mr.”!

First is their title track, “Mr. Mr.” The song has a very techno-sound. It employs various synths, and starts with a heavy bass. The song is upbeat, which at first, did not work for me. The beat is very catchy, but the track does not seem like it should be the song they promote. I did warm up to it after giving it a listen a few times. The thing that bothers me about this song is the line distribution. It is very uneven, with Taeyeon and Tiffany singing the most. My favorite part of the song was in the middle, when there was only a beat. I can only imagine a bombastic dance break by the group’s main dancer, Hyoyeon. This song as a whole was okay, and more cohesive than “I Got A Boy.” Despite that, I still prefer their previous comebacks to this.

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“Goodbye” is more jazzy and sultry. It is also quite upbeat like the previous song. The line distribution here is more even, which I greatly appreciated. This track has the same kind of feel as the group’s Japanese release “My Oh My,” but is definitely softer. It was a good song, and pleasant on the ears, but it did not really stand out.

Third is “Europa.” This song starts off with an interesting beat. The syncopations are very unique. This has the same sound as “Goodbye,” with less of a jazz undertone. Many synths are used in the background, and the major quality of the notes give the song an innocent feel. The song was not very unique, though the girls’ voices were beautiful.

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“Wait A Minute” is the next track on the album. The combination of piano and synths makes the beginning interesting. This song has a jazzy vibe to it as well. It is upbeat. However, it is a step up from “Europa,” in my opinion. I enjoyed it more, but towards the end of the song I found myself getting bored. This has only happened with Infinite’s “New Challenge” album, and I definitely did not want it happening with SNSD. Oh well. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good song. It has a slight doo-woppy feel that I enjoyed, but it didn’t completely stand out from the rest of the tracks so far, which I was slightly bummed out about.

After that comes “Back Hug,” a ballad-y song that is still upbeat in its sound. The soft guitar riffs and the orchestra in the background make it different from the rest of the songs. I liked this song, and felt that it complemented their title track “Mr. Mr.”

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“Soul” is by far, my favorite track on the album. It starts of with a futuristic sound, that is more sinister than the rest of the album. I really enjoyed the beat of the song as well; that, along with the tune, was very catching. This sounds like a track that would be included in an action movie, and I appreciated that aspect of it. The electric guitar and electric bass riffs were also very unique and made me bob my head along to them. Additionally, I usually cringe at SNSD’s rap (sorry!) but I truly enjoyed the rap in this song. If there is one song on the album that I wholeheartedly recommend, it would be this one.

SNSD is one of my favorite groups out there, at number one, only tied with Big Bang. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was slightly let down by the album as a whole. Therefore I give it a 8.1/10. When I listen to albums, I expect a bit more diversity in the sound and mood of songs. The songs sounded very similar from “Goodbye” to “Europa” to “Wait A Minute.” I LOVED “Soul,” though, and “Mr. Mr.” was pretty good as well. I really wish I could give SNSD a higher score, but this mini-album disappointed me a bit. I was expecting more of a impactful title track. Despite this, I like seeing the evolution of the girls, and hope that they continue to grow.

And I’m really looking forward to their music video. Like, seriously.