EXO “Miracles In December” Album Review

Exo "Miracles In December" Album

As an early Christmas present to their fans, Exo has released their newest album “Miracles in December”!

“Miracles in December” is the perfect winter ballad. It starts off with a piano, and soon the vocals begin. There is no drum, and the voices of the members are soft and gentle. In both the Chinese and Korean versions, Chen sings most of the high notes, and provides a sharp contrast from the rest of the members- D.O. and Baekhyun in the Korean version and Baekhyun and Luhan in the Chinese version. There are violins in the background that come in with the first chorus and continue throughout the song. There is also a subtle use of vocal harmonies which brings a new level of depth into the song. It was a very catchy despite its mellowness, something a tad surprising when it comes to ballads like this.

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The second track is “Christmas Day.” The song incorporates 80s synths, and is slow; however, it has a beat unlike the title track. It’s slightly more upbeat than the previous song. During the hook, heavy vocal harmonies are used, along with a very subtle orchestra in the background. Despite this, it sounds very light and fun. This is the kind of song that one would play on Christmas morning, or while he or she puts up the Christmas tree.

Next comes “The Star,” a more rap-heavy song. It carries the happy and lighthearted holiday theme, but also has a prominent beat with a heavy and fast bass. There are a lot of synths incorporated, and they only add to the festive atmosphere this track creates. Again, the chorus has vocal harmonies, but they are more subtle this time. The chorus exudes a strong, sultry, I-don’t-care vibe which I really enjoy. This is my favorite song on the the album, and had me bobbing my head along to the beat.

Fourth is “My Turn To Cry.” It delicacy rivals that of Christmas day. It is stocked with a soft guitar and a glockenspiel in the background, along with a soft beat and a prominent yet balanced bass line. Despite the softness of the song, the members of Exo do use some of the power in their voices, especially when hitting the high notes. It gives you the best of both worlds in a

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Last is “First Snow,” which also incorporates the glockenspiel. It is much more upbeat and alive than “My Turn to Cry,” but not quite as upbeat as “The Star.” In my opinion, this was the perfect song to end a Christmas album. In it, the members sing joyfully and wish their audience a “merry merry Christmas.” The chorus is extremely catchy, and fun to sing along to.

I’ve come to notice something about Exo’s albums. The other tracks are always either on par or better than the title song. It is quite odd, and something you do not see with many groups. However, the producers of Exo’s albums must be geniuses, because I cannot pinpoint precisely what songs are weaker than the rest in terms of structure and appeal.

Overall, I give this album a 9.3/10. Although I enjoyed all the songs on this album, there was too much happiness and cheer going on for my taste. But I suppose that is the appeal of a Christmas album. Also, I really do like Exo’s performance-style songs, and this album contained nothing of the sort. I understand, because again, it is a Christmas album and their title song is a ballad, but I still felt like there wasn’t enough… epicness. However I really did enjoy this album and I recommend that you check it out!

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