T.O.P “Doom Dada” Single Review

TOP "Doom Dada"

Big Bang, one of the leaders of K-pop, is clearly on a roll, what with T.O.P’s new single “Doom Dada.”

“Doom Dada”has the same vibe as T.O.P’s previous solo track “Turn It Up.” It starts out the same, with a heavy bass. However while it still has the same style as the previous song, it is very different. So different to the point that when I first listened to it, I couldn’t help but think, what is this? But then I listened to it again, and it became quite addictive. The background music is minimal, made up of the beat and a few synths. The first verse consists of more rhythmic rapping, and after the chorus and hook, the second verse takes elements of the previous verse and adds more speed-based rapping to it. The bridge is by far my favorite, though. It really shows off T.O.P’s rap skills; I fangirl every time I listen to it. Moreover, the hook is extremely catchy, with T.O.P’s voice meshing with the bass.

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The music video was very weird. I’m assuming that each object is supposed to symbolize something in relation to the song, but I just didn’t understand anything (what’s with the sour-faced, jumbo-headed child? And the deer sitting next to T.O.P?). But I loved it. Especially the scenes where the four people were marching up a hill; it took me a bit to understand that they were showing the evolution of man. I also particularly liked the scenes with T.O.P drinking wine and rocking that crazy hairdo; I was awed by his (for lack of a better term) swag.

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Overall, I give this track a 9.6/10. It ranks just a tad higher than Taeyang’s solo; however, it does not receive more because my first impression of it was not too great. However, I find that I really like this song, minus the chorus at times. It has been playing nonstop on my laptop, and I cannot seem to get it out of my head.

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Make sure to check out T.O.P’s  MV for “Doom Dada” below!