Taeyang “Ringa Linga” Single Review

Taeyang "Ringa Linga"

The sun has finally risen, with Taeyang’s comeback single, “Ringa Linga”!

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at the title of the song, but I was sold the moment I actually heard it. This song is perfect for a comeback.

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It starts off with a piano solo, which develops as synths and electronica influences begin to come into the song. The beat drops, and the chorus begins. It involves harmonic elements. The drums are quite heavy but the song progresses without feeling laggy. The chorus is very catchy, as is the hook, “Ringa linga Ling, ringa linga ling.” An added perk is that Taeyang (finally!) explores rap with this song, and he is pretty decent.

The music video… it was interesting. I watched the dance performance video first, and it was so… EPIC that I think I set my expectations too high for the music video. Not saying that I didn’t like it, because it definitely was different, what with the glow-in-the-dark elements and Taeyang standing on top of metal beams.

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Overall, I give this single a 9.5/10. It was playing nonstop on my iPhone, and when I wasn’t blasting it, I was singing it in my head. And trying to copy the dance moves… though I failed miserably. It was catchy and fun, and definitely a song I can jam to for a while. But once T.O.P.’s solo song came out… it paled a bit. So that’s why I had to dock a few points from the total score. Plus, the music video, though I enjoyed it, just didn’t live up to my standards.

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Anyway, be sure to check out Taeyang’s MV for “Ringa Linga” below!