IU “The Red Shoes” Single Review

IU "Modern Times"

The beginning of October, bringing along the fall season, also brought IU’s new album “Modern Times” along with it.

The title track of IU’s new album, “The Red Shoes,” is probably one of the most pleasingly unique songs in K-pop, and that’s coming from me, someone who isn’t that big of an IU fan. The track has a 1920s flapper feel, something completely new to the genre, particularly mainstream K-pop music. The song incorporated instruments typically used in jazz music, particularly trumpets. Consequently, it felt very fun and carefree, especially with the swing beat in the background. Additionally, the hook of the song was extremely catchy and sung in a whimsical manner.

After her scandal, IU promised us a more grown-up comeback, and she has delivered. The music video for this song was a crazy mess, but in a good way. It had an artsy feel, typical of most of Loen Entertainment’s music videos. Despite this, I still didn’t understand the entire plot line, and I really questioned the placement of certain items in the video.

I would give this song a 9.7/10 for its sheer oddness. And IU’s singing, of course. Not only did it have a Wizard of Oz feel, but the melody was catchy and put a new spin on IU’s signature sound. If you have not already, I recommend that you take a listen to this song and the rest of her album.

Make sure you check out IU’s MV for “The Red Shoes” below!