Seungri “Let’s Talk About Love” Album Synopsis/Review


August marked the storm of comebacks from YG Entertainment’s artists, and now Big Bang member Seungri is back with his second mini-album, “Let’s Talk About Love.”

Seungri "Let's Talk About Love"

The album begins with “Let’s Talk About Love” featuring Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang. The song has a heavy bass in the background, and even has Seungri rapping a bit. It slightly reminds me of “Strong Baby,” Seungri’s previous comeback. The track takes on a macho, mature sound, sticking with the theme of the album. The synths in the background make it appropriate for a club, though it may be a bit slower. G-Dragon has his own rap section, which is later followed by a bridge that Taeyang sings.

Next is “Gotta Talk To U.” This song is soft during the verses, with an acoustic guitar in the background, but escalates during the chorus. It again takes on the sound of club music, combining a mature sound with something exciting and fast. It is, in my opinion, one of Seungri’s best songs. After the first verse, the bass grows heavy, making this the perfect track to jam to. Plus, the “hustlin’, hustlin'” in the chorus is quite a catchy phrase; the ending of the song is really bombastic as well.

“GG Be” featuring Jenny Kim of YG New Artist is the third track on the album. The song has more of a bright sound, and the piano in the beginning reminds of Sarah Bareilles’s “Love Song.” The piano continues throughout the background of the entire song. This song is clever in the sense that it allows for a brighter sound while still maintaining a mature image, bringing out the huskiness in Seungri’s voice.

After that comes “Come To My,” a slow track that takes on a dark, rainy sound. The piano in the background coupled with the bass guitar intensifies this feeling. The drums are light, consisting of mostly cymbals. This is my second favorite song on the album, right after “Gotta Talk To U.”

The fifth song is “You Hoooo!” The track incorporates a fast, electronic beat and again, more of a brighter sound. Despite this, it retains the maturity displayed throughout the album. Dubstep is also brought into the mix, coming in before the chorus begins.

Last is “Love Box,” a soft song that exudes a sad, hopeful feeling. This track is a bit faster than a ballad, but serves its purpose for the album, ending it on a soft, peaceful note. The background music centers around drums and an orchestra, which makes it sophisticated.

Overall, I give this album a 9.3/10. I did enjoy the tracks individually and I did feel the theme of maturity throughout the entire album. I did not, however, particularly enjoy how it all came together. I really liked “Gotta Talk To U,” and felt that it was a perfect way of transitioning from his previous solo comeback to this one. This was a really interesting album, and very different from what one would typically find in the K-pop industry; it incorporated a lot of music familiar to clubs.

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Make sure you check out Seungri’s MV for “Gotta Talk To U” below!