B.A.P. “Badman” Album Synopsis/Review


After the longest break they’ve ever taken between album releases, B.A.P. is finally back with their third mini-album, “Badman.”

B.A.P. "Badman"

The album begins with “Whut’s Poppin’.” This is the introduction of the entire album, meaning that the song is quite short, ending after the chorus comes in for the first time. The synths make the beat heavy in this song, which gives it an empowering feel.

After that is “Badman,” the title track. The song starts of with the sound of police sirens and breaking glass, before the vocals come in, which is quickly followed by the beat, Yongguk’s rap, and later, the members’ singing. Then comes the chorus. There is a small breakdown during the second verse, during which Zelo raps. After the chorus, there is another breakdown- this is the bridge- which soon becomes a mix of hip-hop and dubstep. The song ends with the chorus. Although the song was not my favorite title track from B.A.P., it was very enjoyable and extremely catchy, all while showcasing B.A.P.’s music style.

The third track on the album is “Excuse Me,” a jazzy version of hip-hop. It begins with synths that sound like trumpets. Then Zelo comes in with his rap. As the vocals come in, the background music simmers down before it builds up again. Then the chorus arrives. There is some rough singing, after which Yongguk starts rapping. The bridge is made of rap, and the chorus and more of Himchan and Jongup’s rough vocals end the song. This was one of my favorite tracks on the album, not only because it was rap-centered, but also because it was quite memorable.

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“Coffee Shop” is the mellowest song on the album. It is a refreshing contrast from the powerful tracks around it, and is well-placed. The background is quite bare, with only drums and piano, and violins when the chorus comes. It even has Zelo singing. This track is extremely soft; even the high notes are not too high, and sung in a light falsetto. It was another one of my favorite tracks on the album (if you’ve noticed, I tend to have multiple favorites).

“Bow Wow” is the fifth track, that meshes B.A.P.’s hip-hop influences with a cute, upbeat sound. The bass guitar in the background is quite noticeable and really gives the song a bouncy feeling when coupled with the synths. It is quite enjoyable, and pleasing to the ear.

The last song, “Hurricane,” is a great way to end a bombastic album. The track truly brings a different sound and music style to the K-pop industry. It is the first of its kind, and also one of my favorites on the album. It is very energetic, really catchy, and a great jam.

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In my opinion, this was a great (mini-)album that really did not bore me once. I really enjoyed every single song. Therefore, I give this album a 9.8/10, because, well, I can’t give a 10 just yet. The reason was that I felt “Badman” was not the strongest title track B.A.P. has put out, although I did like it. I recommend that everyone take a listen to this album. Seriously. In a nutshell, B.A.P. has once again left their mark on the industry with this album that pushes forward a more mainstream hip-hop, something hard to find in the K-pop industry.

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Make sure you check out B.A.P.’s MVs for “Badman,” “Coffee Shop” and “Hurricane” below!