EXO “Growl” Single Review


August 1st marked the release of “Growl,” Exo’s title track for their repackaged album. The song gives Exo a more manly, mature feel and sticks with the sultry tone similar to their song “My Lady.” This track, however, has an electronic influence. After the opening instrumental, rap comes in, followed by smooth vocals and soft harmonies. Once the song hits the chorus, the drum does not get heavier, but a bass guitar and a cymbal come into play. It fades away, only to return in the last half of the second verse; it then fades away again before it comes back in the chorus. Then the bridge arrives with the the spelling of “Exo.” The first half of the bridge is made of rap. It lacks the electronic background that runs through the rest of the songs. The second half is comprised of vocals, coupled with electric synths and shakers. Then the chorus returns, ending the song.

Such an awesome (how else can I put it?) music video deserves its own paragraph. The music video is very simple, with Exo dancing in what seems to be an abandoned parking garage. The school theme remains consistent from their “XOXO” album photos; all the members are dressed in what seems to be gray school uniforms. The dance is really impressive, and is definitely something that ordinary listeners like me cannot follow. The dance during the bridge is definitely the hardest, and I can assume that it requires a lot of thigh and abdominal strength. Coupled with all those fantastic moves, the reason why the music video is so amazing is that it appears to be only one take, with a rotating camera. Though SM does not let Exo escape their typical box sets, the simplicity of this one truly lets Exo shine. There are no shots of members reaching out to the camera or touching their faces and no awkward drama scenes. In a nutshell, the music video is just amazing.

Overall, I give “Growl” a 9.8/10. Even though the song was amazing and extremely catchy, and I loved it after listening to it the first time, I did feel that something was missing. I am not sure what it was or whether it lay in the actual music video or the song, but I know it lacked that last bit of “oomphf” that would have rocketed it to a 10. Despite this, the next thing on my agenda is to order the repackaged album.

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Make sure you check out both the Korean and Chinese MVs for Exo’s “Growl” below!