f(x) “Rum Pum Pum Pum” Single Review


The end of July marks the release of f(x)’s new track “Rum Pum Pum Pum.” The song begins with a guitar/bass riff. The drums come in a little later, after Krystal and Luna have sung their parts. While not sultry, the song emits a mature vibe because of it’s style. This is truly a new sound for f(x). The way their voices trail off gently as they go into lower notes, as well as the lack of a truly happy sound in the first and second verses give it that feeling. Sulli then goes into her lines, which is when the drums come into play. The song does not incorporate any harmony until it we hear the hook (“Rum Pum Pum Pum”) and the chorus, in which a strong beat is once again heard. The chorus- well, all I can really say is that it is quite catchy. It’s also high-pitched. The guitar riffs come again, and then Luna and Victoria sing, after which Amber completes her rap. The rap is impressive, and probably one of the best raps I’ve heard from SM Entertainment artists, and just girl groups in general (2NE1 is also up there). Sulli also raps a bit, and then the chorus comes again. It is then that I really noticed the “Oh oh oh oh”‘s in the background during the chorus. The bridge comes, and the guitar riffs do not fade away. There is a small rhythm breakdown, and then the members go into the chorus. The song ends with a repetition of the hook.

Overall, I really enjoyed this song. It was a bit tame for f(x), but I appreciated the fact that they were pushing forward more of a mature image. The music video, while I did enjoy it, was not too bombastic. It felt like a mixture of “Hot Summer” and “Electric Shock,” and I wish that SM had ventured into cooler styles. I did love the way the members looked, and Sulli really matured, going from a cute girl to an alluring woman. I also liked Luna’s black hair and Krystal’s red hair. And though SM was by no means was liberal in their use of circle lenses (colored contacts), it really did suit the abstract concept of the track. Additionally, Amber looked pretty awesome and Victoria was so pretty. Seriously. Overall, most of my complaints really lie in the video and not the song. Therefore I give the song a 9.5/10. I am not giving f(x) a 10 because this comeback did not completely blow me out of the water. I wasn’t completely infatuated with it at first listen even if I did really like it. My favorite part? Amber’s rap. Duh.

Check out the MV for f(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum” below!