About the Artist: BoA


Kwon Boa (Hangul: 권보아), known as BoA in the K-pop world, was born on November 5, 1986 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. She was casted into SM Entertainment in 1998, and after two years of training, made her debut in 2000 with ID: Peace B.” She was somewhat successful, but she really rocketed to the top with her hit No. 1 in 2002. That year seemed to be filled with number ones (pun intended), as she released Listen to My Heart in Japan, and hit number one on the Oricon chart. Later in 2002, BoA released Valenti,” a Latin-themed track. In 2003, BoA released Atlantis Princess,” which did well, selling around half a million copies. However, her album sales seemed to decline from there (maybe because of digital music?). In 2004, BoA made a comeback with My Name,” which deviated drastically from the cute image she had by presenting as alluring and sultry. One year later, she releasedGirls On Top,” further separating her from her earlier “cute” image. The song essentially advocated “girl power,” and showed that BoA had matured and become a strong young woman. In 2008, after much activity in Japan, BoA made her American debut with Eat You Up.” Then in 2010, BoA made a comeback withHurricane Venus,” a dance song that did extremely well, which was followed by the title song of her repackaged album, Copy & Paste.” One year later, BoA became a member of the judging panel on the show “K-pop Star.” She then proceeded to release Only One,” her self-composed title track in 2012, followed by The Shadow later that year. Both songs showed not only her vocal ability, but her dance skills as well, reinforcing her title as the “Queen of K-pop” (alongside Lee Hyori, for any of you Hyori fans). In 2013, BoA gave her first Korean solo concert since debut, titled “Here I Am.” She toured around Korea and even travelled to Taiwan to perform. At her concert, BoA unveiled a self-composed single, Disturbance,” the music video of which featured SHINee’s Taemin. She promised fans that they would see more of her in 2013, and indeed they did, as BoA starred in a two-episode drama special, “Expect to Date.”

[I know I have not covered everything, but I just wanted people to get a gist of who BoA is and some of her major releases.]

{cr: Wikipedia and my own prior knowledge}