B.A.P. “Hurricane” Single Review

B.A.P. "Hurricane"

In 2012, B.A.P. took the K-pop industry by storm with their debut song, “Warrior.” After making four more comebacks that year and three in 2013, the boys are back again with “Hurricane,” another track from their album. It deviates from the usual formula for a K-pop song, and is similar to something you would hear from North American artists. It starts off with a heavy bass that reminds me of the beginning of 4minute’s “I My Me Mine.” Daehyun goes into a high note, then the first verse begins. The song is quite bare actually, with only the beat and a few other sounds in the background paired with the singing. But as the hook approaches, the background music turns electronic. Youngjae and Daehyun take turns singing their lines in the chorus, and it has a cool orchestral feel though it stays electronic. Soon after, Yongguk and Zelo complete their respective raps, matching with the flow of the bass, and then the song whirls into its chorus once again. The bridge is completely different though. It is significantly slower, and it incorporates dubstep. Then it spirals into the hook, and ends with the ultra-catchy hook, “we hurricane!” My favorite part of the song? The beginning of the second verse, with Himchan’s “the loof is on fire.”

I give this a song a 9.2/10. It is so different from what I’ve seen in the K-pop world, and it makes it all the more intriguing. Why were 0.8 points deducted? Firstly, I wasn’t too into the song when I first listened to it because I was so unused to the style. And some of the English was, well . . . interesting. However, I really do like this song, and hope that it paves the way a variety of new music in the K-pop industry.

Make sure you check out B.A.P.’s MV for “Hurricane” below!