INFINITE “Destiny” Single Review

Infinite "Destiny" 

Okay. So Infinite is one of my favorite groups in the K-pop industry, and they recently released “Destiny,” a song that rocketed to the top of Korean music charts. Though it is not my favorite Infinite song, “Destiny” quickly grew on me. It begins with a rough electronic sound, which quickly merges with a introduction that reminded me a bit of Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man,” what with all the harmonization. Once the song hits the first verse, an orchestra kicks in, retaining the electronic music from the beginning. The chorus comes quickly, keeping the tango-like feel. The lyrics are sung choppily, matching with the tense mood created by the violins. My favorite part? Sunggyu’s “‘Cause yo mah destiny!”

Overall, this song receives a 9.2/10 from me. It definitely did not catch my attention immediately, but it brought something a little unique to the K-pop spectrum, which I appreciated. One does not usually hear orchestral background music. Also, Infinite managed to stick to their style. Even though this is a new style for them, it still had that 90s feel to it. Infinite has definitely created a small niche in the market, and show no signs of straying from it anytime soon.

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Make sure you check out Infinite’s MV for “Destiny” below!