INFINITE “New Challenge” Album Synopsis/Review


Although it was not my favorite album from Infinite, “New Challenge” is still filled with catchy tracks that highlight the group’s unity.

"New Challenge" Album Cover

The album begins with “Welcome to Our Dream,” a waltz-esque instrumental track. It sets the tone for the album with its sophisticated sound. It reminded me of a track from Ouran High School Host Club when the school is being introduced. It was enjoyable to listen to, and was pretty relaxing.

Next comes “Man In Love,” which hits you with a force in its contrast with the previous It’s quite a bright song, something slightly new to Infinite when thinking of title tracks, but it still possesses the style of past title songs of the group. Although it was not my favorite title song from Infinite, it was light on my ears.

Third is “As Good As It Gets,” which is again very upbeat; the track is filled with a background of synths and guitar. The synths and the guitar were a bit too much for me, and it felt like their voices weren’t too clear because of this. However, it matches the feel of the album so far, though I personally felt it was a tad redundant.

“Still I Miss You” is the song after that. It’s a little faster than a typical ballad, but has a softer sound, and is my second favorite song on the CD. The chorus is filled with harmony, and there is a violin in the background, something that really gained my attention. The voices of the members were also soft, matching with the feel.

The fifth track is “Beautiful,” a song that, again, fits with the overall theme of the album. The hook has all the members harmonizing. At this point, this feels like a one-track album, which has pros and cons. Despite this, the song was catchy and showcased the vocal abilities of the members.

Next is “60 Seconds,” which fits into the rock genre. This song was on the solo album of Sunggyu, Infinite’s leader. It, however, has been converted into a track for the group, with rap sections added. Although I loved this song when Sunggyu sang it, it was a bit heavy with seven members singing the chorus. Also, the rap sections felt a little unnecessary, as if they were put there simply for the purpose of Hoya and Dongwoo getting a sufficient amount of lines. What I did like, though, was the difference in the sound of the members voices. It was my favorite song in the album.

The last song is “An Inconvenient Truth,” which is quite fast-paced and has a 90s pop feel typical to Infinite’s music. It really got me bobbing my head. What makes this song unique is the fast lyrics in the chorus. Though it again was a bit redundant, it concluded the album on a great note.

Overall, I give this album a 8.7/10. Although I really want to give it a 9, I can’t, because there wasn’t exactly a variety of tracks on “New Challenge.” I felt as if all the tracks had the same carnival-esque theme, which I did not appreciate. It was just too happy. Individually taken, though, the songs were catchy and enjoyable. I was happy that Infinite stuck to their signature sound, a modern take on music typical of the 80s and 90s.

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